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TOPICS UNDER CONSIDERATION to be confirmed after abstracts are finalized

Inclusion, Equity, and Diversity in Co-Production of Science - Collaborative and interdisciplinary projects, approaches, or concepts aimed towards increasing equity and diversity in the science and management of the Bay-Delta and its watershed, including  projects that involve co-production of science or co-management of resources with tribes, environmental justice organizations, community members, and other stakeholders.  


Emerging Technologies – Invention, development, or research of new technology and analytical tools relevant to the management of the Bay-Delta and its watershed.

Fish Biology, Ecology, and Protection – Science that addresses life

history, behavior, and population structure of Bay-Delta fishes and

the factors that affect their distribution and abundance. 

Food Webs – Research that provides new insights into ecological

processes governing and connecting food webs in the Bay-Delta,

including interactions between phytoplankton and zooplankton or

effects of contaminants, sediments, nutrients, species invasions,

and climate on food web connections.   


Applied Science and Adaptive Management – Work or processes to develop effective science-based management strategies for the Bay-Delta system, such as decision-support tools for structured decision making.


Flow and Physical Processes – Science that improves the understanding of how physical processes such as hydrodynamics, sediment transport, and geomorphology may affect the Bay-Delta system.


Social Sciences and Human Dimensions – Research that addresses human dimensions of actions and strategies implemented in the Bay-Delta system. Of interest is work that explores the nexus of social and natural sciences to understand environmental issues. 


Species and Communities – Work that describes or furthers our understanding of any key species and/or ecological communities within the Bay-Delta and its watershed. 


Water and Sediment Quality – Research on key environmental

and drinking water quality constituents, associated biogeochemical

processes, and their ecological and public health effects within the

Bay-Delta and its upstream watersheds. 


Contaminants - Science that advances understanding and

management of contaminants and their associated ecological effects

in the Bay-Delta watershed. 


Harmful Algal Blooms – Studies focusing on Harmful Algal Blooms and their ecological drivers in the Bay-Delta watershed, including their associated ecological and public health effects.

More Than Just Fish - Work or studies in the Bay-Delta watershed that broaden our understanding of species and taxa of interest beyond fish.

Bay-Delta smelt
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