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Posters will be displayed throughout the conference, and an evening poster session will be held on the first day of the conference (September 30, 2024). Posters may also include project/program summaries relevant to Bay-Delta issues, as well as reports of work planned or in progress. Presenters should indicate the theme most pertinent to the subject of the poster from the list on the abstract submittal form, as the posters will be arranged by theme. Inclusion of a statement in the text of the abstract and poster on the relevance of the study’s findings to Bay-Delta management is strongly encouraged. Poster dimensions will be no greater than 8ft long x 4ft wide.

Poster Clusters
Similar to special oral sessions, there is the opportunity to organize groups of posters on a particular topic and to have those posters grouped together. Poster clusters require a chairperson to organize the cluster and to prepare an overview poster that synthesizes information from the individual posters to provide larger-scale conclusions or applications of results. The posters should be well-integrated and complementary as a cluster. Including a diversity of perspectives is encouraged. Proposals for poster clusters must be submitted by the abstract submission deadline of June 3, 2024. 

Proposals are to be submitted using a separate form available on the conference website and require the cluster title, the name of the cluster chair(s), a paragraph (<300 words) describing the content and focus of the cluster including the relevance of this topic to Bay-Delta management, as well as a list of poster titles and authors. Each presentation proposed in the poster cluster must have submitted its own abstract by the abstract deadline.


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