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The Bay-Delta Estuary is caught in the wave of extraordinary environmental change sweeping our planet.


Drought, flood, fire, heatwaves, and other natural extremes are now more the rule than the exception, and these events exacerbate other known stressors with effects both expected and unexpected.

This year's conference recognizes that, by harnessing the breadth of knowledge that exists across our community

we can meet the many challenges facing the Delta of today and into the future. However, the strongest path forward will require intentional cultivation and increased connection.


Just as cultivation can nurture the development of a sapling to a tree and the growth of many trees into a resilient forest, connection and cultivation will magnify our positive impact as practitioners, inhabitants, and stewards of the Bay-Delta facing the multiple challenges inherent with rapid change. Embracing connections across ways of knowing, disciplines, and geographies will be the key to fruitful adaptation. We hope that the 2024 Bay-Delta Science Conference, “Cultivating Connections in a Dynamically Changing Environment” will plant the seed.


“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

Benjamin Franklin

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